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Budget Forklift Hire West Auckland Ltd


Customers hire transport at affordable prices in Glendene, NZ

Affordable transport hire in Glendene 

Want a reliable and dedicated team to guide you throughout the process of hiring a forklift? Forklifts are definitely our thing. We have an extensive knowledge into the workings and mechanisms of a forklift, and can even service and maintain them ourselves. We have very little overheads, and specialise in our one field. That’s how we keep the prices down for you and can safely express our expertise. When you need a forklift, either repaired or hired, just jump on your phone and call today.

Our services

We provide a series of reliable and expert services for you. We can service and repair forklifts; hire our transport solutions for your forklift; sell you spare parts and products for your forklift; and, of course, hire you a efficient and cost effective forklift for your next heavy-duty job. All our forklifts and transporters are lovingly maintained to the utmost in quality: we wouldn’t want to lend you something we weren't proud to use yourselves, We work with diesel, gas and LPG forklifts, and we stock parts for and hire a variety of brands, including TCM, Nissan and Komatsu. We can also offer specialist advice and information regarding our products and everything from the field of forklifts. 

Reliable and affordable

We keep overheads down so you can enjoy the benefits of incredibly affordable services and products. Why pay more for something when you have had it for less? There’s absolutely no need! When you hire a forklift with us you can rest assured you’re getting the absolute best deal guaranteed. Why not give us a go today? We have the finest range at the lowest prices. 
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